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Appendix VI a

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Children of Alexander and Sarah McNutt


111 Alexander McNutt b. 1725 N. Ireland d. 1811 Rockbridge, Va. Bachelor; 1756- Lieutenant in Va. militia during French Indian War. 1760-Captain of Londonderry N.H. militia which served in Nova Scotia. 1761-1762 Leader in colonizing Nova Scotia with Ulster Scottish families from New Hampshire and North Ireland. Adopted title of Colonel. Fell from favor with N.S. officials during Revolution. 1778- Promoted, unsuccessfully Nova Scotia joining Revolution as 14th colony. Lived part time at McNutt's Island.

112 Benjamin McNutt b. N. Ireland d. 1798 Settled on McNutt's Island near Shelburne, N.S.

*113 John McNutt b. N. Ireland. Left behind when parents came to America. Married Katherine Anderson after she had stowed away aboard ship bringing him to America. Settled east of Lexington VA. Known as Scotch Johnny. 7s2d

114 Robert McNutt b. N. Ireland. Lived near Lexington until 1790, then sold out and moved to Kentucky. m.

*115 James McNutt b. 1738 Maryland d. 1810 Lived near Lexington, Va. M. 1768 Margaret McElroy d. 1817. 4s 2d

11A Jane (Ester) McNutt went to Nova Scotia with Alexander and Benjamin McNutt m. Benjamin Weir in Newport, N.S. Weir was R. I. Tory. Several Children.< /ol>

Children of John and Katherine Anderson McNutt

1131 John McNutt, Jr. d. 1818 m. Mary Laird No children. Educated at Liberty Hall Academy. Lived east of Lexington, Va.

*1132 Alexander McNutt 1754-1812 m. 1788 Rachel Grigsby 5s 8d Soldier during Revolution who fought at Cowpens 1781.

113A Rebecca McNutt 1755- m. John McCorkle, a soldier who was mortally wounded at Cowpens. m. (2) Arthur Glasgow 3rd child John Glasgow b. 1785.

113B Margaret McNutt 1757-1830 - m. Robert Rhodes d. 1830.

1133 Joseph McNutt

1134 Benjamin McNutt Lived in Tennessee

1135 Robert McNutt Mortally wounded at Cowpens

1136 Isaac McNutt Grad. Liberty Hall Academy Lived in Louisiana.

*1137 William McNutt 1774-1836 Lived in Lexington area. m. 1806 Elizabeth Grigsby 1776-1842.

Children of James and Mary McElroy McNutt

1151 Alexander McNutt 1771-1837

1152 James McNutt 1773-1851 Lived near Lexington. "Squire McNutt"

115A Margaret McNutt 1776-1805

115B Jane McNutt 1778-1856

1153 Samuel Hamilton McNutt 1789-1859

1154 Robert McNutt 1797-1870 Bachelor

Appendix VI b

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Children of Alexander and Rachel Grigsby McNutt

11321 John McNutt 1790-1817 Settled in Louisiana Unmarried.

1132A Margaret McNutt 1792- m. Elisha Paxton 6s 1d

1132B Elizabeth McNutt 1794- m. John Hamilton 3rd child, Henrietta Hamilton, married Leander McCormick, brother of Cyrus K. McCormick, the inventor of reaper. Henrietta published history of MacNaught family (unreliable) and of the McNutts of Virginia (generally accurate) in 1897.

11322 Anderson McNutt 1796-1860 Bachelor sugar planter in Louisiana who freed 150 slaves in 1860.

1132C Martha McNutt 1798- m. 1815 John Glasgow (a cousin) 2s 3d. lived near Buena Vista, Va.

1132D Rebecca McNutt 1799- m. Hugh Hickman Moved to Missouri.

11323 Alexander Gallatin McNutt 1802-1848 Graduate-Washington College Practiced law 1823- in Vicksburg, Miss. m. 1834 Mrs. Eliza Cameron Governor of Mississippi No children 1838-1842.

1132E Katherine Anderson McNutt b. 1804 unmarried.

1132F Janetta McNutt 1804-1843 m. William Jenkins

1132G Frances McNutt 1806- m. James McChesney 3s 5d

11324 Joseph Porter McNutt 1808-1833 Grad. Washington College Practiced law Vicksburg.

11324 Benjamin Franklin McNutt 1810-1835 Grad. Washington College Studied medicine in Philadelphia, and practiced in Vicksburg, Miss. Drowned in shipwreck in Mexico.

Children of Willliam and Elizabeth Grigsby McNutt

1137A Katherine McNutt 1807-1818

11371 John McNutt 1808- m. Mrs. Wells M. (2) Elizabeth Steele 1s 2d

11372 William Graham McNutt 1810-1814

11373 Rueben Alexander McNutt 1812-1842 m. Elizabeth Ruff.

11374 Robert Blaine McNutt 1814-1894 m. 1842 Elizabeth E. Peck. Educated in medicine and practiced at Princeton, W. Va. for 51 years. 4s 2d.

11375 Benjamin Grigsby McNutt 1816- Unmarried Distinguished himself for gallantry in Confederate Army.

1137B Elizabeth Trimble McNutt 1818- Accompanied brother John to Missouri.

*11376 Elisha George Baxter McNutt 1820-1883 Moved to Missouri with brother John. Graduated from Missouri Medical College 1848 and practiced in Madison, Mo. m. 1848 Lucy James Holmes 4s 6d.

Sons of Elisha George and Lucy Holmes McNutt

113762 James Henry McNutt 1855-1920 m. 1882 Susan M. Lasley 5s 2d. Moved to San Francisco in 1875, worked in stationery business, lived in Alameda. His granddaughter-Irene McNutt (1137622A) b. 1917 became premier ballerina at Metropolitan Opera in 1948 with stage name Irene Hawthorne. She married Kurt Adler, Metropolitan chorus master, in 1948.

113763 Robert Benjamin McNutt A successful dentist in New York City.

Appendix VI c

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Sons of Alexander and Elizabeth McClem McNitt

1411 Alexander McNitt, Jr. Served in militia from Salem during Revolution. Captured by British in 1780. Moved to Virgil Corland Co., N.Y. in 1803. Excommunicated from Virgil Presbyterian Church for intoxication. 1816 m. Mary 4s 1d

*1412 Daniel McNitt 1750-1829 Lived in Salem, N.Y. m. Mary 1755-1808 6s 3d. Served in militia from Salem during Revolution.

1413 Andrew McNitt Served in militia from Salem, N.Y. during Revolution.

1414 David McNitt Served in militia from Salem, N.Y. during Revolution.

1415 John McNitt 11759-1843 m. Eleanor 5s 2d. Served in militia from Salem, N.Y. during Revolution. Moved to Norwich N.Y. 1794.

Children of Daniel and Mary McNitt

14121 James McNitt 1782-1861 m. Lydia Martin d. 1846. 1s 1d. Farmed and distilled alcoholic beverages in Salem, N.Y.

14122 Benjamin McNitt 1785-1851 m. Rebecca Worden 9s 7d. Settled in Auburn, N.Y. in 1812, then moved to Niagara County in 1830.

14123 Alexander McNitt Moved west.

1412A Sally McNitt m. McLachrey

1412B Betsey McNitt m. Whipple Lived in Quincy, Ill.

1412C Polly McNitt m. Thompson.

141224 Daniel McNitt, Jr. m. Jane Moore 4s. Settled near Auburn, N.Y. in 1819, then moved to Ohio and later to Michigan.

14125 Ellijah McNitt 1788-1828 m. Esther Whitman 3s 1d. Settled near Auburn, N.Y. in 1816.

14126 Stephen McNitt m. Nancy Goff 4s 2d Settled near Auburn, N.Y. in 1817. Sons changed surname to McNett.

Children of Benjamin and Rebecca Worden McNitt

141221 Sylvester McNitt 1811-1864 m. Susan Brown 1819-1896 8s 6d Lived in Hartford, Mich.

141222 Sylvanus McNitt m. Phoebe Worden - a cousin 2s 1d. Migrated to Illinois, then Texas. Captain in Confederate Army.

141223 Peter McNitt m. Deborah Migrated to Ill. then Neb. Captain in Union Army.

141224 Elijah McNitt 1820-18888 m. 1843, Ohio, Francine Wheeler Moved to Ill. 4s 7d.

141225 Andrew McNitt Lived in Shawnee, Niagara County N.Y.

141126 Hiram McNitt

141227 Pardon McNitt Migrated to Illinois, then Michigan.

141228 Franklin McNitt 1827-1914 n, 1850 Martha Smith 3s 5d, Moved to Lisbon, Mich., in 1861 Served in Union army. Grandfather of V. V. McNitt, author of MacNauchtan Saga.

14122A Cinderella McNitt m. Samuel McNitt, cousin 141242 1s

14122B Margaret McNitt m. John Warren of Mich.

14122C Jane McNitt

14122D Mary McNitt

14122E Cordelia McNitt

14122F Emily McNitt m. Benjamin Warren of Mich.

Appendix VI d

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Children of Joseph McNutt

1421 Joseph McNutt, Jr. A mariner

*1422 John McNutt 2s 3d

1423 Francis McNutt A mariner Lived in Shelburne and moved to Londonderry, N.S.

*1424 Martin McNutt A cooper m. Rebecca Stewart d. 1819 1s 2d Lived and died in Shelburne area.

142A Margaret McNutt Unmarried Lived in Shelburne area in 1809

142B Ann McNutt (widow Belcher) lived near brother Francis in Londonderry, N.S.

Children of John McNutt

*14221 John McNutt 1776-1859 m. Mary 1777-1819 m. (2) 1820 Ann Houston 3d. Lived in Liverpool N.S. Overseer of Poor 1831.

*14222 Martin McNutt 1804-1885 m. 1826 Jerusha Harlow 1805-1882 4s 1d. A cooper Lived in Liverpool, N.S.

1422A Jane McNutt m. 1833. Rev. Silas T. Rand, missionary to MicMac Indians.

Children of Martin and Rebecca Stewart McNutt

1424A Rebecca McNutt m. 1808 Humphrey McDonald

14241 Arthur McNutt, Rev. A Wesleyan minister in N.S.

1424B Agnes McNutt

Children of John and Mary McNutt

14221A Margaret McNutt 1802-1873 m. 1830. Capt. John O'Brien of Liverpool, N.S.

14221B Rebecca McNutt m. 1830 Capt. John Atkins m. (2) (2nd wife) Stephen Collins. 2s 1d

14221C Deborah McNutt 1812-1887 m. Capt. William Collins-Son of Stephen Collins.

Children of Martin and Jerusha Harlow McNutt

142221 David McNutt 1826-1881 m. Gladys Scott m (2) Mary Smith McAlpine of Glasgow 1831-1913 A shipping agent. Lived in Liverpool, N.S. and Glasgow, Scotland.

142222 John McNutt 1835-1959

14222A Mary McNutt 1837-1860

142223 Arthur Judson McNutt 1842-1964.

142224 Andrew McNutt 1844-1910 m. 1866 Liverpool, N.S. Annie S. Frelick A Liverpool business man 3d.

Children of David and Martha Patrick McNitt

1441 Barnard McNitt b. 1760 Served in Buckland, Mass. militia 1781-1783.

1442 Adam McNitt 1763-1858 Served in Buckland militia 1781-1783. m. 1781 Ashfield, Mass. Margaret Clark 1767-1817 m. (2) Mercy Searles 4s 8d.

1443 Barnabus McNutt Served in militia during Revolution.

Appendix VI e

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Children of Abner and Marry Morrison McNutt-Incomplete

14511 William McNutt 1786-1829 m. Elizabeth Milton

1451A Mary McNutt m. 1803 Daniel Upham

1451B Martha McNutt m. 1806 William Whipple

14512 Hiram Hyde McNutt

Children of Gideon McNutt

*14521 John Murray Upham McNutt b. 1802 Onslow d. 1837, Ohio. m. 1828 Ohio Jane C. Hawkins. Served in Ohio House and Senate 1s 1d.

1452A Mary McNutt b 1808

14522 Robert McNutt b 1810

*14523 Jacob McNutt b 1812

1452B Jane McNutt b. 1814

1452C Martha McNutt b. 1816

14524 Abner McNutt b 1818

14525 Lemuel McNutt b. 1821

1452D Hannah McNutt b 1823

14526 Phineas McNutt b. 1825

14527 William Huffman McNutt b. 1828

1452E Aurelia McNutt b. 1831

Grandchildren of Gideon McNutt

*145211 Joseph Gideo McNutt b. 1833 Ohio d. 1877 Richmond, Ind. Miami Univ. Ohio Capt. 9th Reg. Ohio Volunteers during Civil War. m. 1859 Cincinnati, Laeititia Jane Scott of Rockbridge, Va. 1841-1869. 2s

*1452111 Albert Scott McNutt 1860-1899 West Point Grad. Lieutenant U.S. Army m. 1884 Helen Patterson of Ridgeway, Pa. 2s

1452112 Francis Augustus (McNutt) MacNutt b. 1863, Richmond, Ind., d. 1927 Italy Harvard Law School. Honorary Papal Chamberlain 1898-1906. author. m. 1898, New York City, Margaret van Cortlandt Ogden of England.

14521111 Joseph Scott Patterson (McNutt) MacNutt b. 1885 Wyoming Harvard BA 1906 Portrait painter in St. Louis, Agnes Cady 1s 1d.

*145231 Daniel Rolinghill McNutt d. 1894 m. Kate Hinman 6s 4d Lived in River John and Economy, N.S.

145232 Jacob Aldren McNutt 1855-1899 m. Elizabeth Teed 1848-1883 3s 4d

1452312 Jacob McNutt 1870-1953 Lived in Truro, N.S. 4s m. Agnes Price Sons - Ross, James, Douglas, Samuel.

Children of Phineas McNutt-Incomplete

*14531 Daniel McNutt 1795-1870 m. Kate Gilroy Settled in Springhill N.S.

*14532 John McNutt m. Elsie McCollum Lived near Onslow, N.S. 5s

14533 Phineas McNutt 2nd m. Elizabeth Ship's carpenter in N.S. and N.Y. 3s

14534 Abner McNutt

Appendix VI f

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Grandchildren of Phinaes McNutt

145311 Barnabas McNutt b. 1820 Springhill, N.S. d. 1908 Australia m. Elizabeth Chapman Moved to California in 1849 then to Australia.

14531A Mary Jane McNutt 1821-1914

145312 George Smith McNutt m. Sarah Huritt

145313 John McNutt d. Boston m. Carrie Bigney Lumber merchant in Boston 1s 2d

14531B Charlotte McNutt m. Luke Brown 3s

145314 Laudrick McNutt d @ 84 at Pugwash, N.S. m. Margaret Davis 1s

14531C Doris McNutt

14531D Rebecca McNutt b. 1831 m. Joseph Dimock of Farmington, N.S. 2s 2d.

14531E Martha Ann McNutt 1833-1916 m. Samuel Crowe b. 1833 3s 2d Lived in Upper Economy, N.S.

145315 Lemuel McNutt 1837-1926 m (2) Ellen Burke of Cape Breton Is. 2s 2d.

145321 Abner McNutt m. Annie McCollum Lived in Truro, N.S. 4s 3d

145322 Thomas McNutt

145323 William McNutt m. Mary McNutt 14562B

145324 Rufus McNutt m. Evangeline Morrison 1s 1d

145325 John McNutt m. Eliza 1d

Children of William and Isabella Dickson McNutt

1454A Nancy Ann (Agnes) McNutt 1799-187- m. 1818 Onslow John Crowe 1784-

1454B Margaret McNutt b 1801 m. Thomas Soley

1454C Rebecca McNutt b 1805

*14541 James Burns McNutt 1808-1897 m. 1841 Matilda DeWolfe 1s 4d

*14542 John Dickson McNutt 1810- m. Sarah Lawson Cock 1811- 1d

*14543 Alexander Boyle McNutt 1813-1887 m. Esther Barnhill 4s 2d

Grandchildren of William and Isabella Dickson McNutt

14541A Julia Elizabeth McNutt b. 1843 m. 1864 Rupert Dunlap

14541B Margaret Maria McNutt b 1848 m. 1884 Gilbert Balnkhorn

145411 Joseph William McNutt b. 1851

14541C Minnie McNutt b. 1855 m. 1890 Joseph E. Bigney

14541D Emma Gertrude McNutt b. 1859 m. George R. Smith b. 1858 4s 1d

14542A Annabelle McNutt 1846-1926 m. 1872 Benjamin McNutt 145517 1s 3d

145431 James William McNutt 1843-1922 Lived in Colchester Co, N.S. m. 1865 Susan Dunlap Rutherford 1840-1932 3s 6d

145432 John Barnhill McNutt m. Emma Pollock Paint contractor in Boston 2d

145433 Charles Foster McNutt m. Abbie Moved to California

145434 Edward Everett McNutt 1861-1940 Operated grocery store in Truro m. 1884 Anne Faulkner of Debert, N.S. 3s 1d Son - Roy Douglass McNutt Educted at Dalhousse U. and Harvard Law School and associated with Elihu Root's law firm.

14543A Esther McNutt m. Albert Miller of Lower Debert, N.S.

14543B Elizabeth McNutt m. Archibald M. Beck of Dartmouth N.S.

Appendix VI g

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Children of Samuel McNutt See Appendix IIb. DIrect Line

Grandchildren of Samuel McNutt except Children of Samuel A. McNutt

14551A Jane McNutt 1820-1884 m. 1841 Thomas Yuill, a surveyor 1s 3d Lived in Great Village, N.S.

145511 John Johnson McNutt b. 1822 m. 1850 Margaret Hall 2s 2d A builder of stores and homes in South Boston, Mass.

145512 Samuel S. McNutt 1824-1852

14551B Sarah G. McNutt b. 1826 m. 1845 Thomas Dunlap 1822- 5s 4d

145513 James J. McNutt 1829-1846

145514 Albert Harold McNutt 1833-1851

14551C Isabell McNutt b. 1835 Unmarried

14551D Eunice McNutt b. 1835 m. 1857 John Forbes

14551E Frances McNutt Unmarried

145515 William Fletcher McNutt b. 1839 Truro, N.S. d. 1924 San Francisco. Educated University of Vermont and Harvard Medical School M.D. from Edinburgh Univ. Practiced in California m. 1871 Mary Louise Joon 2s 2d

145516 Peter A. McNutt 1840-1912 m. Eunice Chisholm 1841-1915 4s 5d

14551F Mary Margaret McNutt 1844-1857

145541 R. Raymond McNutt 1850-1857

145542 Fitzgerald McNutt 1863-1864

Children of Rufus and Margaret Crowe McNutt

*14561 James Watson McNutt 1804-1881 m. Jane Upham 1812-1880 3s 1d

*14562 Adam McNutt 1809-1874 m. 1836 Jeannie Blair 1814-1881 4s 2d

*14563 George C. McNutt 1811-1894 m. Elizabeth 1828-1891 1s

14564 Lemuel McNutt m. Nellie King 1s

14565 Isaac McNutt

14566 Daniel McNutt

1456A Abigail McNutt m. Johnson McCollum

1456B Rebecca McNutt m. 1852 Isaac Blair 1830-

1456C Margaret McNutt m. 1850 John M. Blair 1827-1867 1s 2d

Grandchildren of Rufus and Margaret Crowe McNutt

145611 Fraser McNutt 1840-1915 d. at Onslow Mt., N.S.

145612 Stephen McNutt 1841-1913 m. Hannah McNutt 14562A 2d

145613 Watson McNutt to U.S.

14561A Elizabeth McNutt m. Samuel Hislop

14562B Hannah McNutt m. Stephen McNutt 145612

14562C Mary McNutt m. William McNutt 145323

145631 Gordon McNutt

Appendix VI h

McNutt and McNitt Side Line Families in America

Children of John and Patty Wilson McNitt

148A Mary McNitt 1777-1778

148B Sally McNitt 1779- m. 1797 Dorastus Waite

1481 James McNitt 1781-1876 Lived in Eden, N.Y.

148C Bebe McNitt 1784-1787

1482 John Wilson McNitt 1787-1851 m. Catherine Lived in Lockport, N.Y.

148D Polly McNitt 1789- m. Oliver Wright of Clayton, N.Y.

148E Patty McNitt 1792- m. Alvin Wright Moved to Ohio

1483 Noah McNitt 1797-1866 Soldier in War of 1812. Farmer at Champion N.Y.

Children of Andrew and Chloe Chopin McNitt

1491 Samuel McNitt 1772- m. Hannah Foster Capt. Militia in War of 1812. Lighthouse keeper at Sachkett's Harbor, N.Y.

*1492 Eli McNitt 1775-1870 m. 1796 Rowe, Mass. Lydia Bassett d. 1797 m. (2) 1802 Lycoming Valley, Pa. Perthena Newell 1782-1852 5s 1d Settled in Lycoming Valley in 1801. Built Old Brick Tavern in 1827 halfway between Elmira, N.Y. and Williamsport, Pa. Children changed name to McNett in 1850

1493 Andrew McNitt, 2nd Lived in Cazenovia, N.Y.

Children of Eli and Parthena Newell McNitt

*14921 Samuel McNitt McNett 1803-1899 m. Julia Dobbins 1s 3d

*14922 Andrew McNitt McNett 1805-1874 m. 1831 Marcella Keys 2s 4d

14924 John McNitt McNett 1807-1883 No Children

*14925 Eli McNitt McNett 1812-1871 m. Olive Newell 2s 2d

1492A Electra Jane McNitt 1820-1842

Grandsons of Eli and Parthena McNitt

149211 John Morris McNett 1848-1896 m. 1880 Hattie Seymour 1s

149221 Henry Harrison McNett Surveyor who first changed surname

149222 Eli L. McNett

149241 Samuel Eli McNett m. Elma Parsons 1s m. (2) Nellie Parsons 3s 1d

149242 George Edwin McNett

149243 Williard Dudley McNett

149244 Roswell DeClaire McNett

149245 William Andrew McNett b. 1865 m. 1888 Isabella Ward m (2) Kate McNeil

149251 Andrew Milton McNett 1847-1910 M. 1880 Ann Eliza Withey 1s 5d

149252 Perry Marvin McNett 1850-1916 m. 1879 Sylvina Griswald 5s 3d

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