The McNutt Family of Saugus, Massachusetts
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Numbering Methodology

To aid in identifying each individual, Alexander McNitt and his descendants have been assigned numbers for sons, and capital letters for daughters - Alexander McNitt (b1656) is identifed as 1; his 4 known sons are identified as 11, 12, 13, 14. For each successive generation, another digit is added for sons-1 to 9 in order of birthdate, and a capital letter - A to H for daughter in order of birthdate.

Asterisk indicates that children of the named individual appear elsewhere.

Appendix IX

References-McNutt Family HIstory

A. Historical and Geneological Record of First Settlers of Colchester County, Nova Scotia. By Thomas Miller. Published by A. & W. MacKinlay, Halifax, 1873. Contains chapters covering many individual families with vital records of many McNutts, who married into the families. There is no chapter covering McNutt families for reasons which are not revealed.

B. The MacNauchtan Saga. by V. V. McNitt. Published in two volumes by Hampden Hills Press, Palmer, Mass., 1951. Reprinted in 1981. A story book history of an ancient clan and its branches, with the brief biographies of prominant MacNaughtons, McKnights, McNutts, and McNitts.

C. The Lodge Collection. By T. H. Lodge. Filed in Public Archives of Nova Scotia 6016 University Ave., Halifax, N.S. Prepared in 1956. A geneological study of the McNutt family in Nova Scotia which compliments Reference A.

D. Geneologies and Reminiscences. By Henrietta Hamilton McCormick. Published by G. K. Hazlett & Co., Chicago, 1897. Author's mother was Elizabeth McNutt (1794- ) 1132B of Virginia.

E. Colonial Families of U.S.A. by MacKenzie Vol. V.

F. Abridged Compendium of American Geneology Vol. I.

G. Americana. By Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton Vol. XII pp. 1065-1106 Story of Colonel Alexander McNutt.

H. A Papal Chamberlain - The Personal Chronicles of Francis Augustus MacNutt. An abridged edition of this autobiography - Six Decades of My Life. Published by Longmans Green & Co. New York 1936.

I. House on the Sands. by Rev. Father John Louis Bonn S.J. Published by Doubleday & Co. 1950 for Catholic Book Club. A fictionalized life of Francis Augustus MacNutt.

J. The McNutt Families thru the Years. By Merle C. Nutt. 2nd edition. Published by Author, 1978, Phoenix, Ariz. Contains about 25 pages about McNutt family in America.

K. The Clan MacNaughtan Foundation. Established Sept. 1970, in Austin, Texas by Charles S. McNutt to gather information about Scottish and Irish families in America. Address and viability of foundation unknown in 1980.

Note - Reference B presents most acceptable account of family movements from Galloway, Scotland, through N. Ireland to Massachusetts, Virginia, and Nova Scotia. Most of earlier references omit any connections with Covenantois in Galloway, 1640-1720, and promote a brother relationship between Alexander, the colonizer and William of Nova Scotia, largely at instigation of Francis Augustus MacNutt in 1895-1897 when he was seeking Palpal Envoy status in Rome.


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