McNutt's of Nova Scotia

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Appendix VII Early McNutt Families in Nova Scotia-Other Lines

a. *George McNutt d. Masstown after 1806 m. Mary 2s 2d Came from N. Ireland in 1765 on ship sponsored by Col. Alexander McNutt along with some 50 other families. Received land grant in Amhherst, N.S. in 1765 and 100 acres in Masstown with James McNutt (146) in 1775. Relationship to other Nova Scotia McNutt Families unknown.

Rebecca McNutt m. Capt. John Stewart of Londonderry, N.S. 1d (A212) *Robert McNutt 1765-1851 Lived in Masstown m. 1799 Ann Glover Oughterson of Truro 1775-1857 (A251) William McNutt 1782-1857 m. 1804 Elizabeth Johnson Oughterson of Truro 1782-1862 (A252) Susanna McNutt m. Robert Eastman A ship's carpenter from Passamaquoddy 1d

Children of Robert and Ann Oughterson McNutt

*William Henry McNutt b. 1803 Masstown d. 1876, Calif. Moved to Illinois in 1843 then to Oregon and California m. Ann Ash Patton 1824 in River Philip 2s 8d

*John McNutt Lived and died in Masstown m. Mary Eastman, a cousin and Dau. of Susanna McNutt 4s 3d

*Ferguson McNutt 1813-1899 m. 1835 Martha Pearson 1812-1886 (A232) Lived in Masstown 4s 6d

Sons of William Henry and Ann Patton McNutt

George Glover McNutt 1826-1892 Moved to Illinois in 1843, to Minn. in 1854 and to Iowa in 1862 m. 1847 Ill., Sarah Ann Rants 1828-1910 4s 2d

Robert William McNutt 1836-1915 b. Springhill, N.S. moved to Illinois in 1843 then to Oregon in 1857. Serviced in Union Army 1862-1865 m. 1859, Cornelius, Ore., Martha Jane Foster d. 1890 6s

Sons of John and Mary Eastman McNutt

Winston McNutt

Ferguson McNutt m. Jane Cottam Farmer near Glenholme, N.S. No children

David McNutt R.R. conductor Lived in Yarmouth, N.S.

Lorne C. McNutt Editor of Frederickton, N.B. newspaper

Sons of Ferguson and Martha Pearson McNutt

Alexander McNutt m. 1884 Ruth Elizabeth Rutherford b. 1838 No children Lived in Masstown, N.S.

Melville McNutt m. Jane Crowe of Debert, N.S. To U.S.

Lorne McNutt A printer

b. John McNutt b. 1747 m. Ann Weir from R. I. d. 1813 No children A blacksmith. Settled in Newport, N.S. in 1781 and moved to Londonderry, N.S. between 1785 and 1795. In 1806 witnessed deed conveying Masstown l and from George McNutt to sons, Robert and William.

c. William McNutt 1799-1868 Lived in Stewiake, N.S. 2s 1d


John McNutt 1827-1900 m. Catherine McKay 1835-1929 from Pictou Lived in Stewiake 5s 4d

Ephram McNutt m. 2d

Ellen McNutt m. William Annand of Chasswood 5 children.

d. John McNutt m. Mary Ruscoe 2s In 1797 purchased 2 parcels of land in River Philip Pugwash area

Sons of John and Mary McNutt

Robert McNutt m. Mary Morse In 1835 and 1841 sold part of land purchased by John McNutt.

John McNutt m. Celia Eliza before 1835 In 1835 sold River Philip land and in 1863 purchased other land in area.

Sons of Robert and Mary Morse McNutt

John McNutt m. Harriet King 1s 3d

Charles E. McNutt m. Jane McNutt of Truro 2d In 1852-1856 purchased and sold land in River Philip Pugwash area

Silas McNutt m. Jane DeWolfe at Pugwash 3s 2d Hotel keeper in Pugwash and Springhill N.S.

Hazen Botsford McNutt m. Diana Thompson of Oxford, N.S. 5s 3d

e. These McNutts are mentioned in Miller, but relationship to other families is not clear. Some may be descendants of Abner, Phineas or Rufus McNutt:

Elizabeth McNutt of Stewiake, N.S. m. 1812 Adam Dickey 1s 1d Moved to St. Andrews, N.B. in 1814. A son, Adam Dickey, may have been the Secretary to Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science Church in Boston, Mass., who wrote many articles including "God's Law of Adjustment", a pamphlet published in many languages.

Elizabeht McNutt m. 1814 John Blair b. 1793 (A180) 3s 5d

Eunice McNutt 1806-1862 m. 1825 Jesse Gourley 1793-1871 1d (A331)

William Stern McNutt m 1835 Truro Ann Johnson 1817-1857 2s 2d (A269)

Daniel McNutt m 1841 Truro Janet Archibald b 1819 (A64) 2s 5d

Elizabeth McNutt dau of Samuel and Ann McMullen McNutt (A171) m. 1852 Samuel Blaire b. 1808 son of Isabella McNutt Blaire - 1455A 3s

Hopkin McNutt m. Sarah Jane Archibald b. 1841 (A96) 1s 1d

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