MacNaghtens in Antrim, Northern Ireland, 1580-1914

Last Update 8 August, 1995

Shane Dhu MacNauchtan Grandnephew of Gilbert MacNauchtan II Moved from Argyll, Scotland to Antrim, N. Ireland ca. 1580. Married sister of Sorley Boy MacDonnell, the Lord of the Route area of Atrim.

John McNaghten Son of Shane Dhu. Became business agent for the first Earl of Antrim, Sir Randall MacDonnell, his cousin. Died 1630.

Daniel McNaghten Son of John and successor. Increased family holding substantially in Antrim. Since he was Protestant, did not lose properties by forfeiture after Irish Rebellion of 1641-1652.

John MacNaghten Son of Daniel and successor. Married Helen Stafford, an Englishwoman of quality and had 5 sons.

Edmond MacNaghten of Beardiville. Born 1680 and inherited family property. Third son of John. First marriage was childless, so he remarried when 80 years old and produced 2 sons.

Edmond Alexander MacNaghten Older son of Edmond. Elected Chief of Clan MacNaughton, in 1818 by Lyon Court in Edinburgh at request of some 400 MacNaughton clansmen. Member of Irish Parliment for Atrim and later Lord of the Treasury. Died 1832.

Francis MacNaghten Brother of Edmond Alexander and second chief of Clan MacNaughton. Supreme Court Judge of Bengal in Calcutta and a baronet in 1836. Married Letitia Dunkin. 6s 5d

Sir Edmund Charles MacNaghten, 1790-1876, of Dunderave, Bushmills. Oldest son of Francis. Second baronet and Clan Chief. Member of Irish Parliment 1847-1852. Married 1827 Mary Anne Gwatkin. 5s

Sir Francis MacNaghten 1828-1911, Son of Edmund Charles. Third baronet and Clan Chief.

Sir Edward MacNaghten 1831-1913 Second son of Edmund Charles and brother of Francis. Fourth baronet and Clan Chief. Made Lord of Appeal in Ordinary for United Kingdom and a life peer in 1887, equivanet to U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Sir Edward MacNaughten II 1859-1914 Son of Edward. Fifth baronet and Clan Chief.

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