Early McNitt and McNutt Families in America-Direct Line

Last Update 12 March, 2000

*1 Alexander McNitt 1656 - 1746. Born Laggan, Donegal, N. Ireland. Came to Boston in 1720 with wife Sarah, and youngest son, Barnard and his wife. Settled initially with other Ulster Scottsmen in Worcester area, tehn moved to Palmer, MA, before 1732 and died there.

Children of Alexander and Sarah McNitt

*11 Alexander (McNitt) McNutt b. Laggan, Donegal, N. Ireland d. 1751 Virginia. m. N. Ireland, Jane. Came to Hagerstown, MD in 1735 and moved to Staunton, VA in 1744.

12 William (McNitt) McNutt b. N. Ireland. m. Londonderry, NH Jane Colbreath. Settled in Manchester, NH (c)

13 Abraham McNitt b. N. Ireland Settled at Pelham, MA (6)

*14 Barnard McNitt b. N. Ireland ca. 1700. d. 1-16-1773 Palmer, MA. Came to Boston in 1720 with parents and first wife. m. 1728, Palmer (2) Jane Clark Settled at Elbow Plantation, Palmer in 1732 Town clerk 1741-50, 1755-61.

Children of Barnard McNitt

*141 Alexander McNitt 1721-1817 m 4-14-1749 Pelham MA Elisabeth McClem m. (2) Salem NY Jane 1743-1811. lived in Palmer, moved to Pelham in 1749 and to Salem NY in 1769. Served in militia in 1757 in French Indian War. Served in militia as company captain 1776-1781 breaking up bands of Indians and Tories in New York State.

*142 Joseph (McNitt) McNutt 1727-1785 m. 11-7-1761, Palmer, Elizabeth Ward. Migrated to Nova Scotia in 1762 and was ancestor of Shelburne and Liverpool McNutts. Drowned off McNutt Island near Shelburne, NS 4s 2d

143 Arthur (McNitt) McNutt d. 1795 m. 9-4-1765 Palmer, Jane Quinton. A farmer and fisherman in Shelburne, NS.

14A Elisabeth McNitt b. 3-28-1729 d. before 1773.

*144 David McNitt b. 4-27-1731, Palmer. m. 3-18-1756 Rutland, MA Martha Patrick. Moved to Buckland MA during late 1760's d. before 1790.

*145 William McNutt (McNitt) b. 7-25-1733, Palmer, m. 5-8-1755 Palmer, Elisabeth Thomson 1737- . A farmer and a carpenter. Took part, with brother James, in relief expedition to besieged Louisburg in 1755. Made exploratory visit to Onslow NS with cousin Alexander in 1759. Settled with family at Onslow in 1761. Received land grants in Onslow in 1763, with brother James, and again in 1769. Principal architect of first church in Onslow in 1770. Grandfather of McNutts in Onslow Lower Village and North River, Colchester County. 6s 4d

14B Sarah McNitt b. 5-29-1737 Palmer M 8-27-1762 Isaac Farrell lived in NS.

146 James (McNitt) McNutt b. 1-1-1739 Palmer m. Mary (or Margaret). A soldier at Louisburt in 1755, with brother William, and again in 1758, then at Quebec with General Wolfe in 1760. soldier during Revolution from Salem NY. Received land grants with brother William at Onslow, NS in 1763, and with one George McNutt at Londonderry NS in 1775. Son 0- William McNutt b. 1769.

14C Mary McNitt b. 5-6-1744 m. 4-9-1768 Palmer Josiah Farrell. Lived in Palmer in 1776.

147 Adam Clark McNitt b. 5-6-1744 Received land grant at Onslow NS.

14D Margaret McNitt b. 12-15-1746 m. 1-22-1772 Palmer, Reuben Cooley.

*148 John McNitt b. 4-25-1749 d. 1835 Champion NY m. 12-23-1773 Palmer, Mary Fuller, m. (2) 1-14-1777 Murrayfield MA. Servied 4 enlistments with Revolutionary Army 1776-1780. Moved to Cambridge NY in 1798 and to Champion NY in 1803. 3s 5d

149 Andrew McNitt b. 8-15-1750, Palmer. m. 7-18-1771 Palmer, Chloe Chapin. Moved to Murrayfield MA before 1775. A corporal in company of Minute Men who marched on April 21, 1775. Served in Revolution 1776-1777. Murdered by farm helper in 1778. 3s

14E Jean McNitt b. 4-25-1754 m. 12-15-1774 Palmer, Thomas Brown.

Children of William and Elisabeth Thomson McNutt

*1451 Abner McNutt b. 8-29-1756 Palmer MA m. Mary Morrison Lived in NS 6s 6d

145A Sarah McNutt b. 6-20-1757 Palmer MA

145B Eunice McNutt b.11-21-1759 Palmer d.1835 m. John Lynds 1781 Lived in NS 5s 3d

145C Mary McNutt b.1765-1765 First person buried in Onslow Cemetery.

*1452 Gideon McNutt b. 9-22-1766 Onslow NS m. 1801 Elizabeth Thompson 1773- 1802 1s m. (2) 1806 Jane Lynds 1790-1873 Lived in NS. 6s 5d

*1453 Phineas McNutt b. 8-11-1768 Onslow m. 11-12-1789 Jaorma Howard. Lived in NS.

*1454 William McNutt (Jr.) 1767-1841 m. 1-13-1797 Isabel Dickson 1776-1844 Lived in Lower Village, Truro NS 3s3d

*1455 Samuel McNutt b. 11-5-1770 m. 5-13-1790 Myze Ann Dickson 1d m. (2) 3-8-1792 Margaret Savage of Great Villiage NS 6s 4d

*1456 Rufus McNutt b. 8-11-1771 d. 1853 m. 7-6-1802 Margaret Crowe 1772-1859 Lived at North River NS 10s 3d

145D Mary McNutt b. 8-4-1773 d. 1853 m. 9-12-111793 Benjamin Lynds 6s 4d

Children of Samuel McNutt

1455A Isabella McNutt 17900-1846 m. 9-22-1807 John Blair 1778-1831 6s 4d

*14551 William McNutt b 4-28-1794 d. 1874 m. 4-12-1111820 Mary Johnson 1801=1866 Lived in Lower Village, Truro NS 7s 5d

14552 Robert McNutt m. Janet Tucker 1787-1853

1455B Jane McNutt m. 8-10-1818 (2nd wife John Yuill 2s 3d

*14553 Samuel A. McNutt b. 8-15-1799 Onslow d. 6-30-1882 New Bedford MA m. 1-26-1822 Onslow Sarah Lynds b. 2-4-1802 d. 1-1-1867 New Bedford Moved to New Bedford about 1850. 5s 6d

1455C Myzeann McNutt d 1872 m 3-23-1819 James Davison Johnson 4s 6d

1455D Margaret McNutt 1807-1847 m Alexander Morrison 1804-1873 3s 6d

*14554 Charrles McNutt 1820-1899 m. Jane Blair 1822-1894 4s 1d

McNutt Families in Nova Scotia and Massachusetts-Direct Line

Children of Samuel A. McNutt and Sarah Lynds McNutt

14553A Lavinia McNutt b. 9-19-1823 Onslow NS

14553B Elizabeth McNutt b. 6-25-1827 Onslow d. 2-18-1857 River John NS

14553C Eleanor McNutt b. 6-25-1827 Onslow M. 12-25-1851 New Bedford MA George Schwall 1s 2d

145531 Alexander McNutt b. 2-12-1827 d. 2-18-1831 Onslow.

14553D Sarah J. McNutt b. 1-15-1832 Onslow d. 12-5-1879 Pictou NS m. 8-17-1853 Pictou James Brown 1d

14553E Nancy A. McNutt b. 12-15-1833 Onslow d. after 1912 New Bedford MA m. 12-9-1881 New Bedford James S. Hathaway

14553F Susan U. McNutt b. 4-11-11836 Onslow d. after 1912 New Bedford m. 3-13-1854 New Bedford John Silva 1s 2d 1 adopted daughter.

145532 Samuel A. McNutt Jr. b. 4-3-1838 Onslow d 8-18-1868 at sea

145533 George S. McNutt b. 2-25-1840 River John d. 11-11-1859 Norfolk NS

*145534 Jacob Lynds McNutt b. 7-14-1843 River John NS d. 12-18-1915 Lynn MA m. 11-11-1869 Fairhaven Adeline G. Damon b. 10-4-1845 Fairhaven d. 10-11-1914 Saugus Sailed to Alaska before he was 18. Served in Union Army. Lived in New Bedford 1850-1890 and Saugus 1890-1915 4s 3d

145535 James M. McNutt b. 2-23-1847 Pictou NS d. 4-17-1847

Children of Jacob L. McNutt and Adeline Damon McNutt

1455341 George S. McNutt b. 5-28-1871 New Bedford d. 3- 31950 Lynn MA

1455342 Edward D. McNutt b. 187201878

1455343 Archibald P. McNutt 187701878

*145534A Grace E. McNutt b. 2-25-1879 New Bedford d 1-16-1931 Lynn m. 2-22-1898 Saugus George Doty Killam 1871-1960 2s 7d

*1455344 Edward D. McNutt b. 10-19-1880 New Bedford d 12-9-1938 Boston m. 6-14-1905 Minnie Fiske 1881-1967 5s 3d

145534B Susie A. McNutt b. 1-11-1884 New Bedford d. 11- 1-1972 Stoneham

145534C Bessie F. McNutt b. 8-12-1885 New Bedford d. 2-16-1948 Lynn.

Children of Edward D. McNutt and Minnie Fiske

14553441 Homer Edward McNutt b. 5-25-1906 Saugus Lived in Conn., Va., Ga., Pa. m. 9-6-1930 Durham CT d. (Est -1989) Catherine P. Page b. 10-11-1905 2s d. (Est -1998)

1455344A Grace Damon McNutt b. 5-1-1908 Saugus Lived in Worcester MA and Red Hook NY d. 7-21-1972 Red Hook m. 10-11-1929 Malden Stewart Barrett. Farley, Sr. b. 8-17-1904 2s 1d d. (Unk)

1455344B Ruth Fiske McNutt b. 3-23-1910 Saugus Lived in N. Conway NH m. 8-21-1933 H. Leslie O'Neal b. 10-24-1908 d. 5-1-1969 Boston 2s d. (Est-1987)

14553442 Donald Leslie McNutt b. 3-26-1912 Saugus Lived in Wellesley and Needham d. 1-5-1981 m.. 2-19-1939 Dorchester Iris Brierley Preson b. 2-3-1916 d. 7-12-1982 California 1s 1d

14553443 Roland Douglas McNutt b. 2-14-1917 Saugus d. 9-18-79 Boston m. 4-16-1940 Malden Virginia G. Phillips b. 6-25-1919 Lived in Needham MA 2d

1455344C Marian E. McNutt b. 2-2-1922 Saugus Lived in Malden MA m. 2-20-1945 Malden Leo C. Madden 4-2-1920 d. 2-12-1981 3s 1d d. (Est-1994)

14553444 Roger Gifford McNutt b. 9-20-1923 Saugus Lived in Lynn

14553445 Norman Richard McNutt b. 7-2-1926 Lynn Lived in Lynn m. 2-19-1949 Saugus Barbara Smith 2s

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